Charity Event Planning & Fundraising Company in Texas

A team-oriented approach

At Kokua Group, we believe in positive teamwork and are dedicated to ensuring that all our people, regardless of their position, can work within a reliable, courteous, and inclusive setting. By empowering our team and challenging them to reach new heights, we foster a collaborative and supportive culture. We have inculcated in our workplace openness and transparency: we are interested in the needs and desires of our clients, representatives and partners; we welcome challenges and new ideas. We treat others how we want to be treated - with honesty and mutual respect.

Philanthropy Is Our Passion.

At Kokua Group, we are committed to our work and volunteer efforts toward positive environmental and social impact. We genuinely care about the community that we work and live in. We aim to improve the quality of lives of people around us and add to a healthier future. We want to transform people's lives wherever we can. To achieve this, we work with private donors and nonprofit groups to leverage their resources to influence the communities they serve significantly. We also offer our time and talents - individually and as a firm - to work alongside those working to create a better world. Wherever a nonprofit foundation has a fundraising event needs, we always try to make it happen.

Aiding others in self-development

When you join Kokua Group, you are investing in yourself and into your future. We don't choose people merely to fill a position. We hire people based on their potential to evolve with us. We want to push you to help you reach where you want to be. We prioritize your development because when our people shine, as a firm, we excel as well. As our associate, you will be part of a culture that will help you hone your skills as you undergo our training process. Our primary goals revolve around our team and support them in learning, growing, and evolving - both professionally and personally. We afford our associates all possible assistance in pursuing excellence in the field to boost their career graph.